Xi’an Camp Update (3) – Like Family Dinner-time…

What happens when you have a group of willing volunteers, helpful translators, agreeable orphans and a big God? We found that it leaves you with a pretty seamless week of camp!

The children loved making pottery, running through the city fountains, and going to the pool with giant water slides, but sometimes our more meaningful camp moments happened when we were simply hanging out together.

The more intimate times of making bracelets for one another, reading bedtime stories together, and watching people perform in the camp talent show are precious moments. Like spending time with family around the dinner table, we didn’t need anything fancy to enjoy one another.

One family group especially enjoyed a two-hour conversation about their life-stories. After the kids heard their volunteer’s story, one little boy asked, “Can you tell me more about Jesus?”

The Lord is opening hearts around here, young and old. We praise Him for all He is doing here in Xi’an.

Love, us.

One thought on “Xi’an Camp Update (3) – Like Family Dinner-time…

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing all the encouraging stories!
    Thank you for showing the love of the Father to ALL His kids!


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