Winter training through pictures

This winter 14 Chinese young adults traveled to Los Angeles.  For three weeks they learned about Bring Me Hope, servant leadership, and different therapies that help children with special needs.  Experience the training yourself through pictures!


Meet Sarah Berthelet (middle), the coordinator for the Los Angeles training.


Sarah coordinated the entire training for these 14 Chinese young adults.


They developed leadership abilities by discovering what their strengths are and how they can use them to help Bring Me Hope.


One of the therapies they learned about was “Therapeutic Horsemanship.”


Through riding horses, children with disabilities can have fun and even learn how to give instructions to the horse!


They also served a local family by planting a beautiful garden in the front of their house.


Working hard at planting the garden.12719633_10156570458830607_651563467171289020_o

The finished product.  The family the helped was so thankful!


All of the Chinese young adults lived with American host families.  By the end of three weeks, they become good friends.12694692_10156532355990607_5246394879937460660_o (1)

Now that the training is over, the 14 students have the challenge to put their leadership skills into practice.  They will be running a Bring Me Hope campaign in China to sell pens that will raise money for the food purchased during this year’s summer camp!  Together we continue to bring hope to orphans in China.

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