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Spring became a Christian!!

It was truly a miracle.

Since her schooling is completed, we have been working with Spring to help her find a job. However, she did not like the idea of starting a job, and was making up many excuses from finding work.

She couldn’t make the decision for herself, so we ended up choosing for her. Yet on the first day, she was angry and refused to work. She sat around all day, though we noticed she was reading a Bible we gave her.

The next night we had a Bible study and she told us her story: the day before she had been feeling like she had two voices in her head telling her different things and she was very confused. She didn’t know why but she had turned to the word. Spring said that for the first time what she was reading wasn’t just words. It was real. It really meant something to her and she knew it was the truth. She said at that time she believed in God and she prayed to Him!

We asked her if she believed that Jesus was His son and that He came to forgive her sins and she said "yes". Then we asked her if she asked him for forgiveness and with a big smile she said "yes!" Since that day, she has felt so happy.

Spring told us that she never found peace through Buddhism. She told us after she gave us a hard time about choosing a job and not being cooperative, she expected us to act cold towards her. When we didn’t, she was surprised. We all talked to her and smiled at her, and she could see the love.

It’s only because of Jesus that we were able to love when someone is giving you difficulty. It’s amazing because God has been so faithful to be our strength in every single circumstance we’ve faced here on the Ranch. Praise His Name!