All In 2007


From the Director


The war is won! This whole summer I kept telling myself what running this camp is just like a war, except without any blood. Well, just a little blood. And there was a hospital visit but no broken bones and no stitches. But it was a war this summer. Everyday we suffered casualties. And when someone was crying, upset, or angry, I kept telling myself that this is a war. When you go to war, there will be wounds. No mess, no ministry.


Yet even though we had casualties, we had bigger victories! You may have heard about a little orphan boy named Kevin. His first day at camp was probably the best day of his whole life. He loved every minute of it. Then we got word that the orphanage director wanted to take him back. The director was furious at us because we sent back non-orphans that snuck into camp. (A week 1 battle that I like to call “The Invasion of the Non-Orphans.”) We asked our Father that night to have mercy on Kevin and let him stay at camp. Each day went by without any sight of the director. The last day came and we said goodbye to all the lil’ campers. I looked down and there was Kevin. The very last camper to leave!


And bigger victories- We had over 100 college student translators this summer and found that they are so curious about why in the world we would come all the way across the world to run a camp for orphans. It is the perfect platform to tell them that WE ARE ALL ORPHANS, in need of a perfect Father.

We also stood in awe at watching Him provide $10,000 in just over a week. Thank you all so much! Every night I would update everyone at camp and then would cheer to hear the amount get closer and closer to our need! It was just amazing!

Thank YOU for the part you played in making this summer possible. Whether coming to a fundraising event or going to China or praying for us. I’m so grateful for all of you!

David Bolt


From the Orphans


Big sister! Since you said I was just like your little sister, I confirm that you are my big sister! You are my family. Sis, although you’re only 21, although I call you big sis all the time, I do want to call you mom, a very young Mom! From you, I get a special love, which never happened. And you, you are wearing my bracelet which is carrying my whole heart. I hope when you’re not happy, you can overcome that by thinking of me.

I love you mom! One more time, I love you, forever, very much love!



Dear Rufino,

Here is the children’s heaven; here is the place where the sun rises; here is the hope of us. Not only did I open my eyes, but also I learn a lot of knowledge of a foreign country. I also learned toleration, and I know what love is. At the same time, I thank you for taking care of us. Here I feel the warm feeling of family which is what I want to get all of the time. Love is what I need.
Meanwhile, I would like to thank Lily (translator). Because of her, we can have the opportunity to talk with each other. The family feeling is wonderful!




From the Translators

During these days we shared a lot with each other. When I listened to the orphan’s stories and knew how their parents deserted them, my heart was painful for them. I felt that they are so lovely and cute, and I can never understand the reason their parents deserted these angels…. In the future, I would like to do more for those poor kids.



My heart was moving almost everyday, when we were having dinner, we talked and joked each other, brought fruits for each other. Well, just like a real family.



From the Volunteers

Since I’ve been home, I cannot stop talking and thinking about the kids from the trip. I knew from the moment I arrived in China this year that it would not be my last time in that country. I have fallen in love with the people and orphans in China as well as the culture and breathtaking landscape. I have seen the pain that these children go through on a daily basis but have also watched them completely open up when shown love for the first time. The transformations that I have witnessed in these kids remind me that it is all worth it.



No experience can surpass the wonderful time we shared with our little Chinese “buddies,” and how much a week with them has changed our lives, dreams and ambitions. We now spend every evening planning our return to China, and not a day goes by where we don’t think about the children and wonder what they are doing.

The week was filled with so many fun times, smiles, hugs, laughs, and songs, but it was the relationships with our Chinese “kids”, our lovely translators, and the time spent with the staff and volunteers that changed our lives.

The Vidler Family


“I felt like I had four little brothers by the end of two weeks of camp, though at times they felt more like my own children. I was blessed with ‘buddies’ who taught me more about life in two weeks than I have learned all year; I realized what real love is. “

Jason Hsu


A big thank you to everyone who helped make camp possible. It was wonderful to unite with the common goal of reaching Chinese orphans. Thank you!

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